My 3 Things – New Morning Ritual? “Yes Ma’am”

I’ve been pondering for a month now on how to start this blog. I’ve been thinking of all these deep perspectives on balance and joy and how to say what I’m feeling. The thing is, I can’t say how I’m feeling exactly just yet. I’ll get to it eventually, but I know my truth to be that I need more balance in my life. I know I’m working on making my priorities reflect my goals. I am trying to eliminate people and things that do not absolutely bring joy to my heart, and I know I’m never going to be all the way “there”. My goal with this blog is to reflect on the journey, eventually connect with fellow mothers, friends, humans, and just get better at it. A little at a time. Big leaps, tiny leaps, backward falls…it will all happen!

On that note…I’m going to start with a very non serious post instead! I start each day with a hundred (probably more!) different thoughts, and this morning was no different. Today I just sort of easily saw the top three, and thought I’d share. 🙂

1. I started work 30 minutes late today. It’s cool and here is why: I didn’t have to rush, my tired little toddler princess got to sleep an extra 30+ minutes, and I’ll just make it up tonight. It’s raining so there is no park to get to, sunshine to use up before it’s dark, and quite frankly, it brought me JOY to let my brain slow down and not rush through the early morning routine for just one day this week.

2. I started reading the book Dead Stars (Novel by Bruce Wagner) yesterday, and by the 3rd chapter I was so repulsed from the vulgarity (we’re not talking about an over sensitive soul here either) that I put it down and am returning it to the library today. I don’t even want that mess in my house! Bruce, I’m not a fan. I found the recommendation here. There have been a few books I’ve read since January from that list that were outstanding (SerenaStill AliceChild 44, and Paper Towns).

3. “Ma’am”. What are your thoughts? I think it’s fine sometimes, but today’s specific example is brought to you by my daughter’s teacher. I didn’t like it. She’s very close to my age, someone I see as an equal caring for my daughter, someone whom I want to feel comfortable being a partner in my child’s education alongside my own efforts. I feel like when someone who is your own age or older than you calls you ma’am that it creates this unnecessary divide, leaving the ability for collaboration off the table. At least a little bit more.

And with that, go find a better book to read than Dead Stars and have a killer day.

Yes Maam


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