My 3 Things (#2)

Happy Friday! And even more importantly, Happy Spring! We survived that rather rude winter we had and made it into spring spring spring! Of course around here, at least today, spring means rainy and chilly, but it gives me the strength I need to know warmer days are ahead. I’m dreaming of farmer’s markets, Las Paletas, Chacos, splash parks, hikes, bike rides, swimming… I digress. Let’s get to the 3 things that are on my mind this morning:

1. Fancy Coffee Friday: This is a phrase I’ve dubbed since my neighborhood FINALLY got their first drive through coffee option (outside of fast food). It’s a true reason for celebration because I love to get a good iced coffee (in my book iced coffee is plenty fancy enough) that someone else has prepared, and until this cafe opened, options were slim to none. Sure there are amazing artisan coffee shops all around my area, but they require unbuckling your child, walking in, waiting in lines, and entertaining your child while trying to read the rather intimidating menu; these are things that parents with a toddler in tow do not really enjoy doing (ever).  So cheers to you and whatever morning beverage you are drinking! I encourage you to incorporate Fancy Coffee Friday into your routine. It’s a great way to lead into the weekend.

2. Prospective Buyers in a Seller’s Market: We are blessed to have purchased a house 3 years ago in a neighborhood that has absolutely blown up and become a competitive hot spot with 20 and 30 somethings fighting each other to get in. The real estate market is very competitive over here, to say the least. Lately, my tiny little subdivision (I guess they’re still called that in an urban setting?) has been moving and shaking. Long time residents are moving out, cashing in on their profits, and new families are moving in at astronomical price points. It’s taking me forever to get to my point. And that point is that it’s so interesting to watch these prospective buyers seek the approval of the neighbors; it’s as if getting waves and nods from me, or a little face time to talk about the neighborhood will help them with their chances of purchasing the home they’re viewing.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fabulous these people are being so friendly and I’d love to meet them all. New neighbors, let’s be friends. But I’m not wrong in saying there is a major difference in buyers we’ve been meeting in the last year vs before the market got quite so competitive. These people approach us like a salesperson approaching a large lucrative account they just have to get into. I think in print this is not making as much sense as I’d like, but if you’ve been in the same situation, YOU KNOW. 😉

3. Supporting those around us: Just this morning I was scrolling through my Instagram Feed and I ran across another momma (that I follow from my personal account) in Nashville. She has a beautiful family and a seemingly very loving home. She was expressing that working made her feel guilt ridden and stressed. Um hand up over here. Me too me too me too!! I left a comment letting her know she wasn’t alone and sent a little love, but it reminded me that I’m not alone on this island of “can’t get it all done”. There are a lot of other moms, dads and friends just like me who are on this island of stress. This weekend I’m going to check in with a few of them and just make sure they’re holding up alright. I encourage you to do the same!

Final Thought: I found this print in Emily Ley’s  shop yesterday and I absolutely need it! It’s a great reminder for us all and beautiful to boot.

Emily Ley - Do What Matters

(Photo Credit Emily Ley Shop)


2 thoughts on “My 3 Things (#2)

  1. Love Fancy Coffee Friday! Although I’m not in either boat or your other two points; I enjoyed reading your blog. You have a relatable writing voice, if that even makes sense. Keep it going girlfran!


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