My Three Things (#3)

Happy Golden Birthday (already!) to my “My Three Things” posts! I kid you not, a car that was 4 different colors just drove past my window as if I had ordered confetti on wheels just for the occasion.

This morning’s three things are kitchen themed. This isn’t because I planned it out that way; it’s just because I was in the kitchen doing my morning things when I started thinking about writing a post today. I took a couple photos to illustrate my thoughts but in the spirit of balance and real life, I didn’t stage them or make sure the lighting was extra beautiful. Some days I will, but today, enjoy knowing my life is just as real as yours.

1. Bullet Coffee: My friend B talks about this magic at least once a week. She makes it at home with fancier supplies than I have on hand, so I kept thinking “oh yeah, one of these days I’ll try it.” Sorry not sorry to say the day has come due to one of my lady idols, Ree Drummond! She posted on her blog about how a friend of hers introduced her to this “magic” and then proceeded to share an incredibly “so easy I can do this with no real extra effort” method of making it at home! This morning I busted out the Vitamix, a tsp of coconut oil, and about 2/3 tbsp butter. As soon as my coffee was brewed ( I went the lazy route via Keurig today, but I bet if I used my french press it would be even darker and tastier), I threw it, the butter, and the coconut oil into the blender. As soon as they were all blended together, I poured that frothiness back into my cup. I’m drinking it as I type, and I must say, DELICIOUS.The jury is still out if this will give me the amazing focus that supposedly it brings; I’ll report back.


2. Jars, jars, and more jars: I love jars. Just ask my husband who has to work around my many jars. Jars are amazing tools for storage for tiny toddler forks, they’re perfect for the homemade popcorn seasoning recipe I can’t live without, they’re absolutely without question the best vessel to hold my morning smoothie, and they moonlight as tupperware like nobody’s business (as an added bonus, the people at your husband’s office probably think you extra love him because you took the time to put his cut up fruit into a mason jar…just saying). They can even act as to-go cups with these handy dandy lids (which I own and love)!


3. Scoops: I need scoops in various sizes to be more available. For instance, I use 1tbsp measurements all day long. What I don’t need is 3 more sets of measuring spoons just so I can have more 1tbsp size scoops laying around; what I DO need is for there to be 1tbsp sized measuring scoops available to purchase that are not $6 each (I’m looking at you, Amazon!). If anyone knows of some secret place to purchase individual 1 tbsp sized scoops, help me out. I need more.


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